KEP CITY, 28 MARCH 2017. There are people who are experts in the art of word and say beautiful things. But there are others who say things through the image. It is the case of Silvia Córdoba, a Colombian journalist that accepted the challenge to be a volunteer for Don Bosco in Cambodia.

She just released a complete album of her passing through the Don Bosco Projects in the Southeast Asia Kingdom. The album can be seen in this link:

But you have to be a FB’s Friend of Silvia to access (

Silvia is ending her second time as a volunteer for the Don Bosco Social Communication Project in Kep Province. She has offered her long experience in the Colombian media to improve the technical skills of teachers and students in Don Bosco Kep, invited by Fr Albeiro Rodas, her former companion of social communication and journalism at the Medellín’s Bolivarian Pontifical University in the 1990s.

The SC senior students of communication in Kep are preparing only two thesis with the goal to learn how to work in team in an audiovisual production: a video documentary about the pre-Angkorian temples of Takeo and a fiction short film about Cambodian rural education. “The idea was to provide the opportunity to the students to get the experience of a pre and post-production. In this case, it was important the cooperation of a professional expert like Silvia, who has worked in Television for years in Colombia,” said Fr Rodas, Rector of Don Bosco Kep and Director of the Social Communication School.

Silvia spent five days touring with the SC students at the Takeo pre-Angkorian temples to register them in camera and leading the interviews to local personnel. “We have recorded hours and hours of temples that probably it was the first time they have been registered like this. It is, definitely, a good experience for the students,” said Silvia.

The video documentary and short film will be released by October at the official Don Bosco Cambodia’s Youtube Channel, while Silvia is going back to her country this week, after the conclusion of a second experience as volunteer with the Cambodian youth and Don Bosco. “Two months of smiling,” she entitled her experience and created the FB album to promote the activities and mission of Don Bosco for the Cambodian youth.

Here the song dedicated by the SC students to Silvia: