Without good communication is no communion!

Dear friends and confreres,

Don Albera confesses with Don BoscoDuring past few years we are witnessing around the globe rather odd situation of many countries and people closing their hearts, homes and frontiers to others and even some new walls are again growing up. However the future of our one human family is clearly inter-connected, all nations are living more and more as one large family and becoming more and more inter-dependent. Yes, the Church of Pope Francis is definitely the Church of Communion! We are becoming every day more convinced about the importance of communion everywhere!

On my journey for past 4 years I always bring with me the Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis ‘The Joy of the Gospel’. Indeed it is ongoing challenge and strong call for conversion. I realized that ‘ALL’ is the most frequent word in this Catholic Road Map. Giving thanks for all, witnessing Jesus to all, building bridges to all, trying to love all – this is the way traced by Pope Francis for all of us!

Nobody among us is so rich that can’t be more enrich by the gifts of others. And nobody in the world is so poor, that can’t share own gifts with others and enrich them!

During the recent EAO 2017 Team Visit in Hua Hin, Thailand, we experienced this beautiful mutual exchange in many ways: Today all of our 11 EAO Salesian provinces are able to receive missionaries and form international and inter-cultural communities. Even the smallest vice-province of Papua New Guinea – Solomon Islands (PGS) can give and even the largest province of Vietnam – Mongolia (VIE) is eager to receive confreres from other countries! 

    However communion amidst the Salesian Congregation, within our Provinces and local communities starts from an open heart that shares, communicates and listens! My phone call to one sick confrere, my email to the far away missionary community, my personal sharing on the Facebook, my photo with short article send for the AustraLasia news or even simple words whispered in the ear during the recreation time makes difference and builds communion!

  Wish you a fruitful end of this Lenten journey and deep Joy of Easter 2017, always in growing communion with Jesus, Crucified and Risen Lord! Don’t be afraid, open your heart to Jesus, again and again!

Fr. Václav Klement, SDB

EAO Regional councillor