Speech of Fr Roel Soto during the official opening of the Project “Don Bosco Kep Campus Friendly to Children and Youth with Disabilities” on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

  • His Excellency Khem Satha, Governor of Kep Province and all officials of the different departments of Kep Province and Kep Municipality
  • Mr. Sean Callahan, USAID Cambodia Deputy Mission Director
  • Fr Mark Hyde, SDB, Director of Salesian Missions New Rochelle, NY
  • Mr. Jaime Correa-Montalvo, International Programs Director of Salesian Missions New Rochelle

Good morning and welcome to DB Kep.

For the past years Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia have tried as much as possible to forward physically challenged student applicants to other institutions that cater specifically to them because of our unfit structures, courses and their employment impossibility in our partner companies. In the past few years more and more physically challenged student applicants beg to be accepted because of their desire for certain skills we offer and for their integration into the society. We tried working with partner companies and organizations for their possibility of employment before accepting a few for training, but not in our boarding facilities because of our structures.

Don Bosco Technical School Kep is our first institution in Cambodia that has put up facilities friendly to physically challenged people with its ramps and elevator. It is not a school for people who are physically challenged, but it is a school where the physically challenged could be integrated to society.

On behalf of the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia we appreciate very much the support of USAID through its program American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) and the Salesian Missions of New Rochelle for making this Project possible.

We appreciate also the support of Sawasdee Foundation from Netherlands for the donation of instruments for our physically challenged students.

Our gratitude also goes to His Excellency Khem Satha, Governor of Kep and all local officials, for the support and sympathy towards the development of Don Bosco in Kep Province. In particular we are grateful also for making possible the short visit of His Excellency Samdech Hun Sen to Don Bosco Kep last August 2016. Please extend our greetings and gratitude to His Excellency Samdech Hun Sen for his support to all Don Bosco projects in Cambodia. We hope for his continual support to our coming Solar Project in all our Don Bosco presences for our self-sustainability.

Now, that the DB Kep structures and facilities have been adjusted for the integration of physically challenged children and youth, we find no other reason from our physically challenged students for not pursuing their dream along with Don Bosco. Only a student with disabled spirit and bad attitude would find a barrier in DB Kep. With DB Kep a broader environment in the ordinary life is now accessible to the physically challenged students. Their diverse human gifts are now a few steps forward to find their fitting place in society.

Welcome once again to DB Kep, a friendly campus to physically challenged children and youth.