Poipet 1 December 2016

Dear Benefactors and Friends ,

fr-john-visser-from-poipet-december-2016I wish you a blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2017 and so also in the name of all my fellow workers and especially of all my children and youth who receive instruction and education at Don Bosco Center – Poipet in Cambodia.

I pray that the Christmas season brings you joy and God’s blessings.

A Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2017

Since January 2016 I do work and live in Don Bosco Center – Poiper after my 10 years rector-ship in Don Bosco Technical and Hotel School in Sihanoukville.

Since 2 August 2016 I am 83 year old and in the last stage of my life. My superiors want me to rest more . I also transferred my responsibility as country representative to the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia to Father Roel Soto the new superior of Don Bosco Cambodia . I feel extremely grateful for your interest and assistance I experienced trough all these years Don Bosco has 4 beautiful technical schools in which poor youth  learn a trade and 4 elementary / secondary schools for poor children . Everyday we see the beautiful result of the education they received in our past pupils ( over 10,000.- ). They are our pride and inspire us to continue our work among children and youth in need . All this is possible because of the interest and assistance of so many generous benefactors who love helping the future of the new generation in Cambodia . May God bless and reward you .

  • I founded Don Bosco center – Poipet in 2002 – 2006 as a school for poor children who had no chance elsewhere and as a home for trafficked children . The Social Department asked us to take care of these children who did not even know from where they came from . Luckily this problem is now past .
  • This Don Bosco center – Poipet has developed as an elementary school ( 255 children ) ; secondary school ( 116 children ) ; and technical program ( 76 youth ) . The poorest are alo boarders ( 95 ) in the center .
  • The purpose of this Don Bosco Center is to give education and training to children and youth who have no possibility to go elsewhere so that they become good citizens of their country .
  • The center has a nice net – work of priests and sisters , even Buddhist monks to forward us children who otherwise have no chance for training and education .

Dear Benefactors and Friends may the Good Lord bless you during the beautiful family days of Christmas and New Year 2017 .

A Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2017

Yours Gratefully

Fr. John Visser


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                                                            Phnom Penh – Cambodia

                        Account Name :          Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia

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