The purpose of Don Bosco Foundation is To train orphans and poor youth in skills they can use to get a job and by their work they can come out of the circle of poverty and contribute to the new Cambodia. Therefore all the activities planned by the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia evolve around training and education. The technical courses last two years. The foundation has 6 vocational centers in school year 2008-2009. The students’ age is between 16-21 years, they are both male and female. Besides the technical programs the Don Bosco Foundation runs assistance programs for children in need.

  1. The Don Bosco Technical School in NEW PHNOM PENH, PHNOM PENH

It has enrolled the following numbers of students in its technical education programs. The programs last two years when the students will receive a diploma.

Section Year1 Year2 Total
Mechanical/welding 50 74 124
Electricity 50 73 123
Electronic 40 48 88
Auto Mechanics 50 67 117
Printing 30 44 74
Total 220 306 526
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