Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia



How To Help

Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia is an organization of donors, volunteers, educators, students and friends in a joint effort to fight poverty in Cambodia through education. Welcome to support this mission.

Make a Donation

Make a change: give possibilities for a kid or a young to open the doors of a better future. Help with a scholarship, fund a project or donate educative material. You can sponsor a kid of the Don Bosco Children Fund. Get in contact right now.

Make a Change

Could you support us to build a school for children from rural areas in Cambodia? Are you able to donate solar panels or water systems for children of impoverished villages? Contact DBFC and help us to help.

Sey Hello

You are welcome to visit our educative projects in order to understand our methods of education and our vision of how we think development should be led in Cambodia.



Kids and Youth First

We are fighting poverty through Education. We believe that an educated kid or a skilful youth has better opportunities to increase their standard of life and to make a better country. 

We need Support

We cannot do it alone. In fact, we are a community of many persons, groups, trying to keep on our original purpose since the 1980’s refugee camps.

Join Us

You can joint us a volunteer, donors or a friend promoting our projects. Supporting Don Bosco, ensures that more kids and youth would have a good future.